October 9, 2018

The KNOT TIMER hiding under the bar

You never know where you will find an interesting item. My most recent find is a very old timer. In the process of taking out a never used bar in my family room, that I thought had been cleared out already. I found a plastic bag filled with shredded paper tucked under the counter. I almost pitched it into the trash, but it seemed a little heavier than I expected. Poking around in the bag I found a cylinder of green foam. Wrapped inside the soft foam, with an envelope tucked under the rubber band I found this –

The envelope labeled “SHIP'S KNOT TIMER” in the familiar scrawl of my father-in-law contained a page...

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Nancy leads many senior storytelling groups and teaches memoir classes. Nancy was a 2014 cast member of the Milwaukee Listen to Your Mother show. She has a story...

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